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Tyrone Hill is 6 feet tall and 9 inches. He weighs 250 lb.. His position is powerforward. He was born in Cincinnati Ohio on March 19, 1968. He went to Xavier Ohio for college. He played ball there until 1990. After he was done at Xavier he decided to enter the 1990 NBA draft. He was picked by the Golden State Warriors in the First round 11 overall pick. He has been to team after team being traded every two seconds he played with the Golden State until June 1993 and was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks. He played with bucks from 97 to 98. Then again traded to the Sixers. He played there for the 1999 season and then traded back to the Cavaliers. He is currently playing with Cleveland. He is not having an over great season but he is still shining. One of the things the separates him from all the other players is his ability to rebound. If you need a rebounder you need to look up Tyrone Hill. He can also score and dribble but he really does the most help rebounding.

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