allen iverson heads to wnba facing financial trouble
Allen Iverson Heads To WNBA After Facing Financial Trouble

February 27, 2012 - Allen Iverson is excited and thrilled to announce he will be returning the NBA! Well...sort of. The superstar will be flashing his skills on the courts of the WNBA. "I'm so thrilled about this opportunity," said Iverson. "I'm back baby. I'm back." Iverson is reported to be in some financial trouble sparking his sudden return to the game.

Iverson will be joining the Los Angeles Sparks who are struggling this season, and believe with Iverson joining the squad they will have a shot at another championship. Candance Parker, forward for the Sparks commented on Iverson joining the team. "He will fit right in. I've always wanted to play with the boys."

NBA commissioner David Stern said that the change in policy allowing Iverson to play in the women's league will be just the boost the WNBA needs. "We were really limiting ourselves only allowing girls in the league." Stern said. "I'm almost felt sexist, but not anymore." When Stern was asked if the league was going to allow women to play in the men's league he said, "What are you nuts, that would be absurd."