kobe bryant compared to michael jordan for 'flu game'

May 10, 2012 - Lakers' coach, teammates, and fans are waiting to see for themselves if Bryant will play game 6 against the Denver Nuggets in attempts of shutting down a possible Nugget rally. With Metta World Peace out on suspension, the Lakers need more than ever for Bryant to play.

For his entire career Bryant has been compared to Michael Jordan and fans have found one more reason to compare the two players. Michael Jordan played while sick in game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals between the Utah Jazz and the Chicago Bulls. Jordan came out of the series conqueror. Fans are wondering if Bryant will do the same thing against the Nuggets in game 6.

When reporters asked what Bryant thought of the similarity between the two situations, Bryant said that he didn't recall such a series ever happening. "I don't think so! You're telling me the Jazz were in the NBA Finals?! Are we talking about the same team? The UTAH Jazz? Yeah, I'm not buying it. You're not going to take me for a sucker."

When Bryant was shown NBA's online records of proof of the game, Bryant asked if he was being punk'd referring to Celebrity Ashton Kutcher's TV series Punk'd where Kutcher plays practical jokes on Celebrities. "Where's Kutcher? Bryant asked. "I know he's behind this. You didn't get me, Kutcher! You've got to do better than that. The Jazz in the finals, you've got to be a pretty big idiot to believe that one."

Bryant continued, "Oh, and let's see Michael Jordan play a NBA playoff game while sick with flu."

Reporters said, "Jordan did play in the playoffs with the flu."

Bryant said, "Shut up, you think the Jazz went to the playoffs in '97 and we both know that's not true."

Jazz spokesman stated that he too was stunned after discovering that the '97 Jazz Finals appearance did happen.