kobe bryant despised by other maskers
Kobe Bryant Despised By Other Maskers - Headliner

March 4, 2012 - Kobe Bryant told reporters he's now being despised by fellow NBA maskers for wearing the mask. Rick Hamilton is the one most upset with Kobe's new mask. "I'm sick of him being the best at everything," said Hamilton. "I used to be the most talented player with a mask and now Kobe has taken that too!" Hamilton is petitioning to have all of Bryant's points scored with a mask scratched from all NBA records.

Kobe Bryant laughed off Hamilton's efforts, "Hahahahaha." Hamilton is reaching out to other mask wearing players from the past to sign his petition. "They know how hard we have worked to be remembered for our NBA careers," Hamilton said. "We're not going to let Kobe take that from us." So far the only one to sign the petition is Alonzo Mourning whose only reason for signing was to get Hamilton to leave him alone.

When NBA Comissioner David Stern was confronted with the issue by Hamilton, he responded by putting on his own face mask and laughing hysterically at Hamilton.