lebron james is cured of linsanity with powder
Kobe Bryant Is Blinded By Big Black Bushy Man Beards

February 23, 2012 - LeBron James had everyone concerned over his health after falling victim to the Linsanity spreading across the NBA, but thanks to teammates Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh heat fans no longer have to worry. James was cured with Anti-Linsanity powder from a local WalMart.

"We heard about the powder from staff security at the last game," said Wade. "We knew we would have to walk into Walmart, but we knew LeBron needed our help." "I was the one that snuck the powder in with the chalk LeBron throws into the air before every game," said Bosh. Wade and Bosh were nervous as the powder fell onto LeBron, but their fears were quickly quieted with slam dunk after slam dunk by James.

After Wade and Bosh told LeBron what they had done, James quickly patented the ability to throw powder into the air using Anti-Linsanity powder. "I know Linsanity is spreading like the plague and I have the cure," said James. "If I don't patent it, I know someone else will."