lebron james is infected with a case of linsanity
Kobe Bryant Is Blinded By Big Black Bushy Man Beards

February 23, 2012 - King James found himself deep in fear Thursday after experiencing symptoms of Linsanity. "I'm so confused," said James. "He's such a cinderella story that I find myself rooting for him even though he's my opponent." Last night James was seen wearing a shirt with a picture of Lin on the front with the words Linsanity across the top.

"It's gotten so bad that yesterday I accidently wore a Jeremy Lin jersey to practice rather than my practice jersey," said James. "I don't even own a Jeremy Lin jersey." Fellow teammate Dwyane Wade has said James' obsession with Lin has gotten worse. "Every time he completes a play now he yells, 'Now that's Linsanity'." Teammate Chris Bosh is also worried about his teammate James. "He tried to conince me that he's Asian," said Bosh. "I'm worried about him."