brand new kobe bryant memes on
June 6, 2012 - MEMES, MEMES, AND MORE KOBE BRYANT MEMES are now available for laughs! The creator of has done it again and this time it's all about pictures, videos, and MEMES! All of the MEMES and more can be found at my BRAND NEW website! - Continue
kobe bryant compared to michael jordan for 'flu game'
May 10, 2012 - Lakers' coach, teammates, and fans are waiting to see for themselves if Bryant will play game 6 against the Denver Nuggets in attempts of shutting down a possible Nugget rally. With Metta World Peace out on suspension, the Lakers need more than ever for Bryant to play. - Continue
kobe bryant despised by other maskers
March 4, 2012 - Kobe Bryant told reporters he's now being despised by fellow NBA maskers for wearing the mask. Rick Hamilton is the one most upset with Kobe's new mask. "I'm sick of him being the best at everything," said Hamilton. "I used to be the most talented player with a mask and now Kobe has taken that too!" Hamilton is petitioning to have all of Bryant's points scored with a mask scratched from all NBA records. - Continue
kobe bryant is blinded black bushy man beards
Febuary 24, 2012 - Kobe Bryant told reporters after Thursday's game that he is indeed blinded by black bushy man beards. "I tried to hide it for all these years," Bryant said. "But sometimes the beard is just too bushy." Bryant has experienced blindness from bushy beards since a small child. "My blindness never affected my game in high school because no one could grow a beard, and if they could it wasn't bushy." - Continue